Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Not eaten

If anyone should imagine that our voyage to take Herbie from Iver to Cropredy is one mad dash, they would be sadly mistaken. We set off yesterday morning and got all the way to Uxbridge, about four miles and one lock. We did take on water and provisions en route, but that's still not much of a day's work.

This morning, we again failed to get under way, preferring instead to visit the Odeon Cinema where the old fogies' morning matinee was showing "In the Heart of the Sea", a true story from the nineteenth century about a whaling ship sunk in the Pacific by a huge white whale.

"Ain't that Moby Dick?" I hear you ask. Well, yes and no. This true episode was the inspiration for Meliville's great book. Having had their ship The Essex destroyed thousands of miles from anywhere, the survivors set off for South America in little open boats. Eventually running out of water and food they resorted to eating those that had died.

When we got back to the boat, I checked the fridge and the galley cupboards to make sure they were well stocked, 'cos I thought Kath had been giving me funny looks. I think we'll make it alive to Rickmansworth Tescos tomorrow.

Tonight we stopped at one of our old favourite moorings just above Black Jacks lock (should that have an apostrophe?). Apart from the squawking of the peacocks across the canal, it's a peaceful spot.



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