Sunday, April 03, 2016

How to make a box

We try not to do things the hard way. When we make a box, the initial stage is 1. First take a box. 

Luckily for the storage boxes we need on Herbie’s shelves, wine bottle boxes have just the right footprint.  All I have to do is cut them down to height and stiffen the sides with extra layers of cardboard.  That’s when Kath steps in and works her magic.

She tears up pieces of previously painted or hand printed paper (all her own work) and sticks them on like this.



I suppose some people might find them a bit too  lively, but I love ’em.  She’s a clever old stick.  Once the glue is dry they get a protective coat of transparent wax.

This time she even subtly incorporated a logo.


After re-measuring the shelves I hope they are the right size this time  or I’m going to have to run for cover.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Kath, you clever old stick (Neil called you that - I am just modelling my behaviour on his ...), you have inspired me!
I won't go as far as hand-making paper though. I keep my pashminas and scarves up on the shelf in my wardrobe in a Steinlager box with its lids cut off - now which phrase should come first in that sentence? Anyway, the box is on the shelf, the shelf is in my wardrobe.
Your boxes have inspired me to decorate/cover the box with some of the leftover wallpaper from the feature wall in our bedroom - it has lovely big red poppies on it and my scarves and pashminas will look splendid in it.

Thank you!
Cheers, Marilyn

Carol said...

They look brilliant!