Friday, May 08, 2009

Big Boats Barred at Buckby and a very unusal boat at Whilton

Just how hard can you hit a lock gate when you are starting from stationary inside the full lock? Someone gave lock 8 at Buckby a hell of a whack in this way and now BW have sealed off that gate, so wide beam boats are barred from passing through until they fit a new balance beam. Bad news for anyone taking a wide beamer up to the Crick show at the end of the month unless it is fixed before then.

I guess the perpetrators tried to force the lock gate open with their boat. Even so it is quite a feat to do that much damage from a standing start and only a few feet to pick up speed.

I hope BW isn't working on it when we go down the flight in ten days time. We don't want our start to the Nene trip delayed. When we do go down past Whilton, we will pass again a boat with trees growing in it.

Yes this is actually a boat. Polystyrene I think.


Halfie said...

I spotted that recently too. I wonder when it last had a valid licence!

Simon said...

reminds me of another CWF 'debate' - I said even if single handed, I won't push open the gates with the boat, it damages them (I meant over time, rather than all in one go). The arrogant response was the BW should maintain them better...!