Sunday, May 24, 2009

Irthlingborough to Fotheringay

This isn't Constable country, but it looks just like it. Meadows, mills, grazing cattle, and yellow fields, not of oilseed rape, but of buttercups. Last night we moored at the end of the garden of the Kings Head at Wadenhoe, a chocolate box village as neat as a pin. The other boaters were friendly and the pub had a hog roast going AND a beer festival. What more can you ask?

Fotheringhay is probably the most picturesque mooring on the river, or anywhere really. Sitting here now on the riverbank with the church floodlit across the meadow I can't imagine a nicer place to be.

Luckily the river Nene is flowing really slowly in this fine weather, but plenty of other boaters we meet have stories of terrifying times when the stream is strong. Last time we came through here on Richard's boat we clouted Fotheringhay bridge because the current seems to go through it at an angle. We have to pass through in the morning.

We have some good photos to show you but the signal on the internet dongle is so wek here that I'm not even going to attempt to post them yet. I expect we'll get a good signal at Peterborough so I'll try again there.

They tell us that nearly 200 boats have been at a festival in Peterborough over the weekend, so its a good job we didn't press on that far. Hopefully by the time we get there tomorrow they will have cleared off and left us somewhere to moor. I think we meight do well to rest there for a day to let the pack get through the middle levels before we go across, because there are hardly any moorings there. Or we might divert down to Ramsey to kill the time .

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