Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 1 in the ditch

Well, you have to pay for your pleasures, and today was the day to pay. Our trip across the first half of the Middle levels was very cold and damp. The wind is able to blow hard here because the landscape has few features. The drains on which we travel are long and straight and it seems to take ages to reach anything you see in the distance. >What landscape you can see is flat and seemingly barren, although obviously it is great for growing spuds and the like.

As for the notorious Briggate bend, I failed to negotiate round it without bumping into the far bank. I wish I could have a had a second go to regain my self respect!
We scraped under the bridges (just) without knocking off the chimney, and after several hours of slog, reached March. It's not a bad little town. On the way in you pass dozens of houses with end of garden moorings. Everyone seems to have one.

There aren't too many mooring spaces in the town centre, but we managed to squeeze in OK. Now I'm typing this by coutesy of the town library to save my dongle . Photos are uploading fast, so I'll squeeze in a couple more at the end. And at last a weak sun has appeared so things seem a little cheerier.

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VallyP said...

Oo dear, it does look a bit Holland but without the trees to relieve the skyline. That car looks a bid sad doesn't it? Maybe it had a more serious encounter with your Briggate Bend ;-) Hope the sun stays out for you. We had the most horrendous storm here on Monday night and it's been rainy off and on until this evening when the skies cleared and it was beautiful!