Saturday, May 09, 2009

My GU pub guide updated

I'm rather shocked to find that my updated list of pubs visited on the Grand Union has risen to 25, and that's only from Brentford to Bugbrooke! Plus of course two tea rooms.

You can see my very short write up on each here. In the interests of consumer research I have visited them all personally (sometimes on several occasions) and sampled their wares. In fact I have visited a few more that I haven't written up because I don't remember them that well. Had you asked me to guess how many pubs there were I would have underestimated by 50%.

It seems I'm easily pleased because I found something in favour of most of them. If you are either a) a strict traditionalist or b) someone who only likes posh pubs then you won't like them all.

Only one gets a thumbs down, that being the Fishery at Hemel Hempstead which although OK, is not family friendly and, worse, seems not to care when they run out of proper beer. If you find yourself moored near there for a night, walk over the road and get a 4 minute train ride to Apsley where you'll get cracking food and beer at the Paper Mill.

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