Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No news, an old haunt, and not so good news

Rick took Herbie out for a spin down to Bugbrooke and back to Buckby yesterday and it was all so smooth and uneventful that he declined my invitation to write it up for the blog on the grounds that nothing really happened. Well, that's never stopped me in the past! His idea was to introduce a couple of his friends to canal boating to see if they got the bug. It sounds like they had a nice day but failed to get bitten. Ah well.

Today I had to take my car in to reading to get a new windscreen on account of an unrepairable chip and a looming MOT. Having dropped off the car I had two hours to spare and decided to stroll the mile or so into the town centre for a coffee. On the way, I passed one of my old haunts from the 70s, the Wellington Arms in Whitley street. You may recall the original fly on the wall documentary "The Family". Well the dad and son used to go in there a lot. An unremarkable pub apart from the wonderful sign in the side passage leading to the gents. In bold letters set into ceramic tiles it says simply "COMMIT NO NUISANCE".

My right foot started hurting before I reached the town centre, and by the time I had searched for a bus to take me back to the windscreen place I was hobbling badly. Now I am home and am unable to put any weight on it at all. I recognise the symptoms as I have suffered them in the past but not quite so painfully. I think it is a condition known as Policeman's Heel and it usually goes away after a few days, although for some people iy is a chronic condition. I sincerely hope it stops hurting soon or our impending cruise might be less fun than it should be.

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VallyP said...

Hope your foot gets better soon Neil.

I often notice that topics and programmes people refer to are a mystery to me. This is not because I live in NL, but because I have no TV. Have been thinking of getting one just to save the embarrassment I often suffer of not having a clue what people are talking about ;-)