Sunday, May 10, 2009

Encouraging news plus admission of a gaffe

First the gaffe. Rick rightly points out ( re my previous post) that a busted lock gate won't stop any wide beam boats reaching Crick as they can't get there anyway because they would be unable to ascend narrow locked Watford staircase. Duh.

The good news is that some good friends of ours, Irene and John from our musical lives are also boating down the Nene and Ouse in June so we're going to try to meet up sometime. That'll be really great because their boat Rosie Piper and our Herbie have never met. Irene plays hurdy gurdy and like Kath, dulcimer, and John, like me, plays pipes although a different type in a different key. I don't know if they will have their instruments on board but it might make a good one night band if we get together.

If you spot Herbie moving over the next couple of days, it won't be us but Rick and Marilyn using it to demonstrate the joy of boating to some of their Buckby friends. Having seen the weather forecast I suspect "joys" might be a bit of an exaggeration :-)

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