Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on the move again

Off we jolly well go. After our break at Buckby, we moved back down the GU today ready to hit the River Nene tomorrow. Yes, Brian and Diana on Harnser, it was us winding at Weltonfield on Sunday, we were taking a group of friends for a very short spin in the rain. Sorry we didn't spot you.

Our temporary moorings at the end of Priscillas garden in Buckby Wharf have been lovely. She is such a kind person, and we have enjoyed her stories in her slow Ohio drawl, especially when she talks about the Bee Dubya workers on the canal. last night we invited her aboard for a drink to thank her, but she insisted on bringing the wine and some cheese too. Anyway we were able to do her a favour at the weekend by plumbing in her new washing machine for her.

Herbie now sports a third Buckby can bought from the little canalside shop at Buckby. Kath couldn't resist it. I would show you pictures but the bandwidth on our dongle here at Bugbrooke is useless. Tomorrow we have a long cruise to Cogenhoe on the Nene. Our calculations suggest it will take about nine hours or more. Rick and Marilyn are with us so we should get through the locks as quickly as it can be done, but my memory of Nene locks is that they take ages.

Pictures tomorrow if we get a good enough signal.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

If you are going back to Priscilla's please give her our love. We thought she had moved as we didn't recognise the people last time we went that way. I erected the "Cutweb" sign on the end of her landing stage many years ago.

VallyP said...

Yay! On the move again. Good to read your accounts Neil!