Friday, October 30, 2009

All change west of london

Boaters who haven't visited London from the Grand Union recently will see quite a few changes next time they do the trip.

First, on the once derelict piece of land just south of Cowley Peachey, the first batch of new flats are now inhabited and a new lot are under construction.

Then further down the GU, just north of the Nestle factory at Bull's Bridge, the huge apartment development is nearing completion.
I think this one must have cost a million quid in scaffolding alone. A lot of people don't like this type of building, but I reckon its not too bad a job.

Then just East of Alperton on the Paddington Arm, a new development is taking place. No completed buildings yet but a shiny new footbridge has been installed, even if you can't get on or off it yet.
Lastly, what was for a long time a big hole in the ground alongside the Harrow Road in Ladbroke Grove, then a load of scaffolding and barges
there is now this new building

which looks finished outside but is still empty within.
I'm looking forward at some time to revisiting the Regents Canal where some mega developments are planned around St Pancras and further east. Then of course there's the small matter of the Olympic site on the lower Lea. We shan't know ourselves!

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VallyP said...

I really need a family visit so I can see some of these new developments too.