Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tight fit at Paddington

Moorings are geting tight here and there as people hunker down for the winter. Arriving in Paddington today we got the last spot, and we're told that this spot too will be given over to a proper paid winter mooring very soon. Not until we're finished with it we hope.

Anyway, as you can see, we're only a few yards from fellow blogger Sue on Indigo Dream although we haven't seen her in person yet.

Brentford, where we moored last week was the nearly full because of winter moorings. Apart from a couple of spaces, most visitors will have to moor under the awning of the old wharf shed.
It has been cleaned up a bit, and at night it is lit with a bright orange glow!

Now for the really tight fit. Paddington basin was visited by the fuel boats Ara and Archimedes and we needed gas and diesel, so they moored up close to us to do the job. This meant turning at right angles to the navigation line and backing into the jetty where Herbie rests. A&A are big boats and they had just an inch to spare at the front end. A good job no other boats were coming down the basin at that time.

I've more to tell you about our "Happy Diwali" trip to Southall last weekend but I'll save that for a later post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard here briefly trespassing onto Sue's pitch as she is out singing this evening (it's a welsh thing, she has to sing and attend regular rugby matches or she looses her accent)

Sadly we are not on board as we need to do something to pay for our boating habit ...

Plans for this week: Indigo Dream is going to have an excursion down to City Road either Wednesday or Thursday possibly with a load of my work people, then we do a return trip on Friday with another lot of work people, the boat staying in Paddington (if there is room) till Sunday when we do another boat trip for http://www.greyhoundhomer.org.uk/

We will both be on board from Saturday afternoon, how long are you about for?


VallyP said...

What a great spot to be in Neil. I've been wondering how you were doing! I know those moorings at Paddington from many a visit and walk along the canal there. Ah nostalgia. Would love to be back in blighty for a while...