Thursday, October 22, 2009

Culture vultures

What a cultured time we're having using Herbie as a cheap London hotel. Last weekend it was an immersion in Punjabi surroundings (I'll write it up soon, honest) and yesterday it was ancient Japan. We went to the Britsh Museum and looked at a special exhibit of Dogu, which are three or for thousand year old ceramic figures. Kath is likely to use them for inspiration in her embroidery work.
We also took the chance to see the Rosetta Stone which is much more finely inscribed than I had imagined. Then we popped in to see Lindow man, but he has gone to Manchester for a bit. Never mind, he is in the same room as all the wonderful treasure hordes dug up in various parts of the UK. What amazes me is how superbly preserved to old silver work is. It looks like new.

I like the BM, especially with its new atrium. From Paddington a number 7 bus takes you all the way there.

Last night I took this pic of the basin. Not bad I thought, if not up to Granny B standards.

I can receive emails, but we can't seem to send them a the moment, so if you read this Richard and Sue, we will be around a bit on Saturday and Sunday, but going out with the grand children during the day.


Simon said...

Punjabi surroundings

I was in the Glassy Junction pub in Southall Tues night - did you find that one? Right by the station in Southall...

VallyP said...

Lovely shot, Neil. It's remarkably detailed for such a dark scene. Great little camera you've got there!