Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy birthday Herbie - big changes ahead

On Saturday, Herbie will be 8 years old according to the makers plate in the cratch. Old enough for some cosmetic surgery I reckon. The next 12 months should see her in new colours and with some new internal fittings like a folding table in the saloon.

She may get a new neighbour too because (shock horror) Saltysplash and Laura are selling Lady Elgar and moving on to a new wide beamer called Amy. See the story on their blog. I suspect that either they or us will have to move berths unless the canal is deemed wide enough to still fit us both alongside.

If you want a nice boat with a residential mooring I'd give Lady E a look. She's a lovely boat. I expect it will be on sale soon, presumably through Virginia Currer.


Simon said...

I understand the plan is for Amy to go in G&L's current slot, and LE will be sold without mooring? Apparently this is only possible as one of the existing widebeams is going, freeing up a non-residential spot for you? JB has A Plan, I'm sure... ;-)

saltysplash said...

Good news and bad news, The good news is John has let us to keep our mooring so Amy will take the place of Lady Elgar.
The bad news is, John has let us keep our mooring so Amy will take the place of Lady Elgar.
I hope Herbie will be able to remain alongside but so far Ive not heard what Highline have planned.
Amy is 10'6" so from what john tells me its up to BW how narrow they are allowed to make the channel.
Having such friendly, pleasant, helpfull and considerate Neighbours as you, can never be replaced