Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn gives the Slough arm a treat.

Just when you get fed up with the Slough Arm because of the weed and lack of dredging, it throws in a lovely trip and you forgive it all. We set of in the afternoon sun today and the old arm was looking gorgeous in the autumn colours and the clear water showing all the fish. The weed is now nearly all gone too. Now's the time to pop down there for a look. BW seems also to have cleared a new mooring area in the area of the aqueducts and it looks really nice.

Tonight we have reached Bull's Bridge where we will stay overnight, finish the unpacking, and lay in stores of food from the big Tescos alongside the canal.

Tomorrow we descend the Hanworth flight and hope to be joined by Simon (of Nb Tortoise fame) to give us a hand with the lock wheeling. I daresay we can arrange a suitable reward in the Fox at the foot of the locks!

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VallyP said...

Sounds lovely Neil! I wish I could see it too. Goede vaart, as we say over here. In days of yore, we'd have said 'fare thee well' and meant just the same thing. The Dutch word 'varen' or German 'fahren' are the roots of 'fare', and both are used now as boating terms, so maybe I should just say 'fare well' Neil!