Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cruising home with a sparkle

Back home now and lots to show you, including these pictures taken in the wonderful light yesterday afternoon. I especially liked the dancing reflections on this boat at Northolt.
This time of year is a good time for cruising. The trees look spectacular and when the sun shines, the light is low and dramatic.

Our final weekend in London was busy. The zoo with Peter, Jacob and Grace on Saturday, an all too short conversation with Sue and Richard aboard Nb Indigo Dream that evening, Camden market with Claire and the kids on Sunday morning before cruising back to the Black Horse at Greenford for the night.

Plenty more to show you once I get the photos sorted out.


Anonymous said...

Those photos are beautiful - who'd have thought you were in the middle of London eh?

Great to see you both on Saturday - hope to meet and chat again soon.
Sue, Indigo Dream

VallyP said...

Lovely photos Neil. Beautiful autumn colours and the sunlight makes it look perfect. So glad you had a good trip and such a sunny end to it too.

Eric said...

Nice piccies Neil, we are out for a week from Friday so its guaranteed that the weather will change for the worst :-(

saltysplash said...

Really enjoyed the pics, sorry we missed your return, i was in the land of nod and didnt even hear you get back