Sunday, October 11, 2009

City break but life goes on

We really need a break. For the last week and a half we have been ministering to Claire, Jacob and Grace who have all been ill. Then this weekend we have been host to Peter on a break from Cambridge to see the kids. We don't get time to be ill or tired ourselves it seems.

Anyway Herbie to the rescue. The tides not being favourable we have abandoned plans to go up the Thames but have opted for a trip into London instead. First to Brentford and then to Paddington. This despite previous engagements - my monthly smallpipes session in Westminster and a visit from friends Phil and Janet next weekend - we can do it all from the boat.

So on Tuesday we set off towards Brentford, then the weekend with Phil and Janet at the wonderful Fox at Hanwell including a visit to sample the colours, aromas and tastes of Southall - the most Asian place this side of Bengal.

Travelling in to London we hope to get to see the new Moctezuma exhibition at the British Museum and then anything else we fancy. All from our very own hotel boat. Lovely. Believe me, we need it!


Simon said...

Thurs night itself, sadly. I'm dragging other Iver people off to a gig in town, but can otherwise be around for the Fox, and lockwheeling up & down the flight... ;-)

Neil Corbett said...

Sorry I had it wrong anyway. We will be going down from Bull's Bridge to Brentford on Wednesday, and will be free on Wed night. On Thursday I will be travelling into town for my monthly piper's session.

VallyP said...

Enjoy your weekendjeweg (as we say here Neil)! Sounds like a great programme, and to have your own hotel boat..well that beats everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, can I pick your brains?

How full were the moorings in the Paddington Basin area? We're going down next weekend and will be picking up some guests for a charity cruise but we're a bit concerned about whether there'll be any room what with the winter moorings and all.

Any views welcome!

Enjoy your cruise - the Grand Union is really fabulous - we've so enjoyed our trip back to London.

Hope to see your around on the cut over the winter.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Neil Corbett said...

Hi Sue

You might get to Paddington before us!! We'll be down the Brentford end of the GU until after the coming weekend, then we'll make our way to Paddington.

In our experience you can generally find a spot in Paddington, even if it is sometimes the last one. Failing that there is always the chance of breasting up against someone at Litle Venice. Last resort - back to Kensal Green.

Try to arrive at around mid day - after the morning leavers have gone and before the other new ones arrive.

Perhaps we'll meet up. That would be nice.