Monday, April 05, 2010

On obsession, perverseness and mixed feelings

You, dear reader, have been spared by my relative infrequency of posting lately. Such has been my obsession with practicing signwriting that had I posted blog entries they would I fear have become tedious essays on the finer points of serifs. Even Rick has been in the habit of ringing me up daily to discuss the finer points of the forthcoming paint job - starting Saturday.

As a distraction, I have today been avoiding wrestling with a meerkat. Although the Compare the Meerkat ads are truly endearing, I remind myself that they are merely a ruthless device to solicit my business. So out of sheer bloody mindedness I have shunned them in favour of the annoying Go Compare to get our car re-insured. It turns out that one of the better quotes was from the dear old Co-op of which we are big fans because of their ethical policy, so that's the way the money goes.

Meanwhile the weather is improving and spring is springing. This time last year we were in final preparations for our big fens cruise. No such luck at the moment, but to remind us of the ever changing world here is a picture, taken on the Slough Arm a year ago, of our firewood logs before they were logs. How nice they were. Now I shall feel guilty at burning them even though it wasn't me who did the felling.


VallyP said...

Meerkats? Now you've lost me Neil! I do however understand the obsession part..and sympathise too!

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Even better than Compare the Meerkat and Go Compare is, because you get the commission, not them.