Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paintfest day 4 - an anonymous boat

Herbie now looks like any other anonymous grey sailaway we see all over the system. Covered all over in grey primer, she is a blank canvas. At least all those spots have gone! We practiced the system we will use for the top coats, one person rolling paint and another close behind laying off with light vertical strokes.

Nearing the end of painting the roof we ran out of primer, so bought some in the shop here at the wet dock. It said grey on the tin, but it came out at the other end of the greyscale, almost white. Never mind, the undercoat should cover that up.
We had a visit from Claire and the kids at lunchtime

and shortly afterwards Rick and Marilyn departed for home. Many thanks R&M, where would we be without you?

Now Kath and I soldier on on our own until Rick returns at a later date. It suddenly seems very very quiet.


Jan said...

I salute all your hard work and look forward to seeing a much rejuventated Herbie on our next visit. Love Jan

Simon said...

too quiet? put the radio on!

Looks good. I'm a bit tied up with employment for a few days, but will try to reappear at some point; do say if extra hands will be good on any particular day?

VallyP said...

Wow! What a lot you've done today! Looking brilliant!