Monday, April 19, 2010

Paintfest day 10- the beginning of the end

At last we get some top coats on. Hooray! Today we put a coat of raddle on the roof by half past ten and then spent hours masking up the side panels - not easy until you discover how. meanwhile Kath painted the well deck sides and the front doorway.

Then this afternoon, the piece de resistance - the main side panels. All our diligent prep seems to have paid off and we got an amazing finish, me rollering and Rick laying off with a brush. The colour is great and as you can see, the gloss finish is superb. The dark grey had no trouble in obliterating the overpainting of the coach lines, even though we still have two more coats to put on.

Tomorrow, the roof again, the rear deck area, the main dark grey panels again and the first coat of the light grey borders. Phew!
Looking good though.


Anonymous said...

Ohh she is looking really good!


Jan said...

All your hard work is worth it.. Herbie looks amazing. well done.. Jan

Anonymous said...

wow you can tell the time in that shine

VallyP said...

Looks amazing Neil. Well done all of you! Herbie is going to be soooo smart!