Monday, April 12, 2010

Paintfest day 2 -Out damned spot

Day 2 completed and every square inch of Herbie above gunwale level has been rubbed down, every (we hope) tiny speck of rust has been rubbed back to bare metal and Fertan-ed. The boat at this stage looks awful.
Still we've had a jolly time with frequent breaks for tea and cake. Our picture above shows the whole crew -Simon, David, Kath, me, Rick and Marilyn.
Today we start priming all the Fertan-ed spots, and getting rid of all the dust. Now we're starting to ponder the order of the real painting - which bits to do in which order - a bit of a conundrum with three colours to incorporate. - four if you count the lining, five ifyou count the raddle for the roof. Blimey!

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VallyP said...

Fantastic crew you have there indeed, Neil. How great to have somewhere covered where you can paint. I wish we had that here, but sadly painting has to be done between showers.

I can't wait to see the new colour scheme emerging. It will be quite an unveiling, won't it?