Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow !!!!!

The masking tape came off one side of the boat tonight and we can see the results of all our work. To say I am pleased is an understatement! Herbie looks great. The colours, the layout, and the quality of finish we have managed to achieve is better than I had dared hope.

Today we had Rick and David with us, so we made good progress with final coats of paint and the start of re attaching various bits of hardware previously removed for painting.

Tomorrow is our last day in the wet dock and we still have plenty to do. Touching up minor bleeds at masking tape edges etc, refitting doors and hatches, clearing up the mess and yes, I will attempt the sign writing!

I'm starting to feel the tension reducing, although it's not over till it's over. Simon (Tortoise) and Carrie called in at the end of the day and we all went up to the Packet Boat pub to celebrate our delight at seeing the tape come off.. It was supposed to be a quick pint but we were there for nearly three hours and had a long rambling and amusing conversation.

Tune in tomorrow f to see if I mess up the signwriting and for the first picture of the newly repainted Herbie in the daylight.


Bill & Debbie said...

Wow indeed. Herbie looks fantastic, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Adam said...

It looks very good indeed. Well done, I'm not surprised you're delighted.

Halfie said...

Excellent job. Well done!

VallyP said...

Very classy indeed Neil. Very well done!