Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paintfest day 5&6 - paint over paint over paint

Yesterday was a day of bits and pieces, undercoating doors, hatches etc and it didn't feel like we'd come far. Today however, in a single day, we have undercoated or re-undercoated the cabin sides, the roof, all six steel doors, the rear deck area and the foward bulkead and the foredeck, and all the fiddly bits round the side hatch, and we now have half the hand rails resplendent in the shocking pink undercoat for the red paint. Now wonder Kath looks knackered!
The wet undecoat, for a brief period gave us a glimpse of what the shiny sides might look like when we come to the gloss coachpaint.
Tomorrow another undercoat on the cabin sides, lots more bits and pieces and then we start to prepare for the gloss coats. Very scary.

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