Sunday, April 18, 2010

Worse before it gets better!

Herbie looks a right mess at the moment. We've rubbed back the undercoat to get a flat surface, taking off half the paint we've already put on (par for the course) and then marked out the coach lines and roughly painted them in, very wide to feather out the paint level. Tomorrow we mask over the true line and then paint the surrounding area in the side colour. When all the top coats are on, we take off the masking paint revealing the neat coach line. That's the idea anyway.

Something similar has been done to the handrail red, so now we see the boat with patchy undercoat, a coach line which looks like its been done by a two year old, and a ragged edge to the handrail paint. It'll all be OK, provided that the grey side colours cover the other colours adequately. We'll know tomorrow. Am I anxious? Yes, a bit, although we have three top coats of grey so that ought to cover OK.

Rick is back with us today, so now we are three. Much to do and only four days painting left.

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VallyP said...

you are doing sn amazing job Neil and co. Kath, you deserve a medal too! It's looking great so far.