Monday, November 14, 2011

The 2011 Herbie Awards begin

As the narrowboat of destiny catches its rudder on the cill of misfortune and the windlass of fate raps the knuckles of the hand of carelessness I notice it’s time to address the issue of the Annual Herbie Awards.  Yes its time to set out the ballroom for the year’s most glittering occasion and get a packet of spangled envelopes to conceal the names of the winners and snag the fingernails of the hapless presenters. 

last year’s thrilling award logo

Which places, pubs, waterways, gadgets and events have most pleased the crew of Herbie in 2011 and which items have most appalled, frightened and amused us over the year?

All will be revealed over the run up to Christmas and culminate in the granting of the premier prize The Herbie Special Award for something or other.  So send your gowns and tuxedos to Sketchleys and get spruced up for the big event.  The final list of categories is still in preparation, but I can announce that the opening category will be   . . . .

Best Day’s Cruise on Herbie.

This year we have spent 100 days aboard Herbie (not all on the move) travelling 580 miles and passing through 352 locks, so we have plenty to choose from. 

Q. What makes a good day’s cruise? 

A. We need to have had a Great Time – that’s all really.  I suppose I ought to add that the company must be good, the waterway attractive or stimulating, and there needs to be a sense of achievement at the end of it.  Also it helps a lot if the weather was nice!

Presentations for the  3 nominations are in preparation and should will appear in the next post.  There, I’ve committed myself.  Now I’ll have to be decisive and get on with it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I have taken my frock out of the wardrobe - I love the smell of mothballs in the morning....

Sue, nb Indigo Dream