Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Urban Oddities

After the last set of photos, something completely different.  Some evocative views of true urban settings.

First in  Birmingham, Kath asked me to take this picture.  I suspect it will end up as a piece of textile art in due course.  One building reflected in another.

P1050874 (749x1024)


Here it is un-reflected – not half so interesting.

P1050875 (768x1024)

Then for contrast, but only a short walk away, a more historic scene.  We squeeze through the seven foot wide gap at Worcester bar which used to separate two canal companies and necessitated unloading one boat into another across a few yards of land. Now, thankfully, open to navigation.


IMG_0650 (1024x683)

Now we go to Leicester where six feet from our overnight mooring we see this.

P1050507 (1024x768)

Sadly, it appeared to be abandoned.


And lastly a puzzler for you.  This picture was taken ten minutes walk from Coventry canal basin.  Any idea what it is?

IMG_9742 (1024x683)


Anonymous said...

I've looked at it from all angles and can't work out what it is. Please put us out of our misery.

Bella said...
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Bella said...

(Sorry, deleted the last comment due to silly spelling error).

I love the first shot, true city planning at its best. The last picture made me think of ice in a now-gone guttering but that doesn't make sense.

VallyP said...

More lovely photos! You have such a good eye for interesting angles and textures. I love this last one and the reflections in the building. Very artistic.

Effie May said...

Please please please - what is it???