Friday, November 18, 2011

Herbie Awards 2011 - Best Day’s Cruise on Someone Else’s Boat.

Despite the shortlist all being great days ou,t this is a unanimous decision between me and Kath.  For wide open spaces, sights rarely seen, and good company.  The Herbie Award for BDCOSEB has to go to

 The Eastenders Cruise.  
(SPCC Tideway Cruise aboard Indigo Dream)

Why?  Bow Creek - seldom navigated by narrowboats, the O2 arena, Greenwich,  the Thames barrier, the HUGE docks, the aircraft, just brilliant.   And of course the company.  Thanks again Sue and Richard. Oh and I almost forgot, the free whiskey* at the end.  Perfect day or what?

I bet you wish you'd been there.

PS. (complete non sequitur) I just got my new old clock going.  Very exciting.

*No I didn't spell it wrong, it was Irish Whiskey


Adam said...

Bow Creek.

Neil Corbett said...

Thanks Adam. Don't know why I got Bull in my head! Now amended

Anonymous said...

Oooh our first Herbie - we're thrilled -now, let me start by thanking.....

I spent the night composing my 'thank you' speech in case we won but then I was also musing on what better cruising could we offer you if we lost!

We are honoured, and hope to enjoy your company on board again - We are going to the Royal Docks in January 2012 - let us know if you fancy a repeat :-)


Sue, nb Indigo Dream