Saturday, November 05, 2011

Nature album

This years cruising itinerary of London, Oxford, Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Warwick etc sounds a bit urban when I tell friends where I’ve been.  My photo album tells a different story.  I don’t find it easy to get good pictures of plants and animals but a small percentage come out alright, so here’s a selection from our cruises this year.

Don't forget, clicking brings 'em up big

1 Just a mossy branch, but the light was good.  This is my favourite.
IMG_9455 (1024x683)
2. The “other” side of mooring at Braunston
IMG_9607 (1024x652)
3. A visitor at Foxton Locks
IMG_9938 (1024x753)
4. perhaps the roses on our cans are more realistic than we think.  Actually I think this butterfly looks like
an old plane ready to take off
P1050410 (1024x768)
5. Crab apple blossom I think.  there was a bumper crop this autumn.
IMG_9452 (1024x683)
6. At last a peacock that doesn’t squawk – on the S. Oxford
IMG_9440 (1024x682)
7. A Richmond on Thames heron looking, as all herons do, grumpy and miserable
IMG_9119 (1024x703)


Bella said...

There are some lovely shots here. I guess being in a boat means you get to see a great deal more than others.

Heth said...

Great photos Neil!!!

Takey Tezey Heth

Sorry got to post as anon, Blogger not my friend at mo. Seems to be happening to a lot of folks...

Heth said...

oops, it posted as me anyway, must be a fluke lol


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, lovely title. Liked the correlation between cruising itinerary and photo album. My favourite is the 'spitfire' butterfly!


VallyP said...

What beautiful photos, Neil. Are you still using your Panasonic TZ something or other? I gave mine to my daughter and am now wishing I hadn't...some of these are really excellent.