Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ancient Town gets modern award– Best Town Moorings 2011

You have convinced me.  The popular vote gets it*. After miles and miles of Thames cruising seeing NO MOORING, PRIVATE, NO SWIMMING, NO DIVING, NO LANDING etc what a delight it was to arrive somewhere that had good moorings with a sign saying Welcome, you can stay free for 5 days.  So

the Herbie Award 2011 for Best Town Moorings goes to 


IMG_9303 (1024x568)

A well deserved and popular win, and I’m sure the pubs and shops in Abingdon reap the benefit of the town’s policy in the cruising season.  Good for them.

A good time to be in Abingdon is the Saturday nearest June 19th when the residents of Ock Street hold an election for Mayor of Ock Street.  By ancient tradition this “mock mayor” then has the job of poking fun at the “official” mayor and council when they make unpopular decisions.  The day itself features a lot of drinking and cheering and morris dancing and general tomfoolery, with guest morris or other traditional dance sides being invited to join the Abingdon men.  After the mayor is elected a four o’clock he is carried along the street on a garlanded chair and the drinking and dancing starts all over again. I took part many years ago in my dancing days and still have the commemorative medal that the guests are given.    I’ve only just got rid of the hangover.  Should you wish to know more, Google will provide loads of links to this event.

*PS sorry Alison.  Skipton sounds wonderful, but as Herbie hasn’t been there this year, they don’t qualify.


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Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Kath said...

And not only that - but I seem to remember someone telling us that if you go to the Tourist Information office you can have 5 days free Wi-Fi!! If that's true it's amazing.
Kath (nb Herbie)