Friday, November 04, 2011

The people have spoken

Back to a more normal blog view.  Blogger’s new tricks didn’t find favour with you lot out there and I’m inclined to agree.  We’re not quite back to how we were, but near enough for now.

Meanwhile winter draws on and it’ll soon be time for the start of the ever popular Herbie Awards season in which we consider the best and worst of the years cruising, pubs, events and all that stuff. Will there be new and exciting categories this year?  There might be if you can suggest any.  Also what about the Herbie Special Award for someone who deserves it for their actions this year.  This year I’m inviting nominees from readers of the blog.  Thinking caps on folks.


Halfie said...

Best DIY. This could be in two parts: the best DIY you have achieved, and the best you've seen elsewhere.

Best bargain (boating-related, obviously).

Anonymous said...

Most unusual use of the roof? Saw a yoga class on a boat roof, on a video clip about london boaters!