Monday, March 23, 2015

A disappointment and a thief caught in the act.

Oh well, you’d better ignore my previous post ‘cos I just got a mail saying that the boat we were going to be using on Wednesday (Griffin) has its engine out in bits on the bench, so my first proper CRT boat moving job has been postponed.

Never mind, instead have a butchers at the action on my bird feeders in our garden over the last couple of days.  I’ve been playing with a remote shutter release on the camera.

Hello my starlings!


How cute is this? (long tailed tit)

long tailed tit

and his cousin the blue tit trying to look fierce


and lastly our resident garden thief, caught in the act this very afternoon.


I can find no way of stopping the little blighter pinching the birds nuts.


Alf said...

Air rifle ?? :-0

Sue said...

Fantastic pics!

I agree with Alf!

KevinTOO said...

Excellent photos :)

I vote for the air rifle too !

Bryce Lee said...

Squirrels are nasty tree rats. Buy a squirrel cage, trap them in same. Sticky peanut butter works well;
then drop the cage c/w with trapped tree rat in a vertical container tall enough to take all the cage nose down. Ensure container is filled with water. Wait ten minutes. Remove cage and drowned rat, remove and bin dead critter and repeat as often as required.

Carrie said...

Great photos! Hurray for any creatures that survive in this human-centric world.