Monday, March 02, 2015

New Tricks on the towpath.

TV detectives do seem to like canals don’t they.  Lewis is rarely away from them, although most of the time he is really on the GU around Uxbridge or Harefield when he should be in Oxford. It's always fun spotting where they are.  I instantly recognised the place where James Bolam stood in an old episode of New Tricks they showed the other day.


Aah, I bet a lot of us know where that is don’t we?  Here is another view.


At least he is in the right city.  People who have cruised into London from the west will know that bit of canal – not far west of Little Venice.  I always feel that when we reach that bit, we are nearly there.  Here is the same spot in a picture shot from Herbie.


I bet that if they tried to shoot the same scene today, the bank wouldn’t be so clear of boats.  When we started boating we hardly saw a boat moored between Kensal Rise and Little Venice, now there are a lot.

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