Monday, March 23, 2015

Early start

I've just been given my first proper CRT boat moving job since passing my assessments, and it could hardly be better suited for me.  That's because I'll be taking a senior waterway engineer on an inspection trip up and down the Slough arm, Herbie's former home.

It should be interesting to see what the inspection consists of. I'll let you know.

The downside is that I have to be at Adelaide dock on Southall at 7.15 am on Wednesday. I'll need to be up before six!!

Then when we get back I have to make my way all the way to the CRT docklands office near Canary Wharf for a towpath ranger meeting at 6pm.   Obergruppenfuhrer Dick has promised pizza so at least i'll get fed. By the time I get home I will have put in 16 hours work and travel for CRT in one day. All good fun though.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,just downloaded your book on Amazon and read it on my Kindle.Very good,youth employment in my youth comprised one visit to a dingy office near our School,with a totally disinterested officer,no help at all,but as this was the mid 50!s I went off to a local company that looked like it did the kind of thing I wanted to do and never looked back. Thanks for a very good read and a happy ending.