Saturday, March 14, 2015

Poetry in Motion

Just before we left for home the other day, we stood on our grassy knoll at Crick to watch the dredging operation in the canal alongside the marina.  Dredging is not the most glamorous occupation I can think of but the rhythm this guy had adopted was hypnotic.  Take a scoop of mud from the centre of the canal and drop it in the lighter,

dredge1 then take the next scoop to the right and drop that, then one more further right near the bank and drop that, then swivel left and use the shovel to nudge the lighter a few feet to the rear and scoop in front of that. Then use the shovel on the canal bed to shove the dredger back in line with the lighter and start all over again.  Like clockwork. The shovel never stopped moving and they were making rapid progress along the canal. It seemed like they filled the lighter every few minutes.


Meanwhile a little tug was taking the last full lighter down the canal to where the waiting shovel would scoop it out and spread the mud and silt over the farm field. 


I suppose that a deal has been done with the landowner to dump it there.  I know they have to test the mud to make sure it is not toxic, so it must be OK.  It is very rural along that canal so I’m not surprised it’s safe.

So next time you cruise along that section, your boat might go a little bit quicker.

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