Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Man in canal at Yelvertoft

Fear not, no harm was done. As we cruised Herbie past Yelvertoft Marina today we had to wait while finishing touches were being put to a coffer dam being erected. This fellow in a diving suit was ensuring that the edges of the plastic sheeting were watertight as the water inside the dam was pumped out.


The dam is being erected to provide a dry area for the construction of a slipway being built for Yelvertoft Marina. The boat in front of us had been waiting a couple of hours to be allowed to pass, but we were only delayed by about thirty minutes.

Watching the diver walking about showed that the canal here was a surprising five feet deep in the middle, very rapidly climbing to only two feet at the edges.


When we were finally allowed through they pulled us past the dam on a rope. I think they were nervous about our prop disturbing the seal of the sheeting.

Further up the canal near Crick, the dredgers were out, so this mainly shallow canal might be a bit easier to navigate soon.

This was our first outing this year and it was good to be out on the water again, albeit only for a day. I was impressed when Herbie's engine started up within a second of turning the starter key. She seems to have survived the winter lay off in good shape.

Out along the canal, not much is growing yet, despite today's warm sunshine.

I suspect the blackthorns blossom will be out soon though. Lots of birds are advertising for mates.


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