Friday, March 13, 2015

Is this the biggest boat on the Grand Union?


What do you think?  Is there a bigger one anywhere on the GU? In case you are wondering, this one is moored just above Thames Lock at Brentford only just a hundred yards or so into the canal.  I saw it when I was down there last week for a volunteer meeting. I think it’s too long to be enclosed in the lock so I’m guessing they must have brought it in by having both ends of the lock open when the tide was right.  I can’t see it doing much continuous cruisingSmile.  What a whopper!

PS. I just looked it up.  I think it must be this one:

Courage Built by Sneep Shipyard - Length : 38.5 metres ( 126 feet 4 inches ) - Beam : 4.99 metres ( 16 feet 4 inches ) - Draft : 0.9 ( 2 feet 11 inches ). Metal hull power of 120 BHP.

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Adam said...

Funnily enough, this boat was mentioned just this week in a thread on the Canal World Forum. Apparently it goes out onto the Thames and back once a year, and takes hours to do so, because it can't fit under the bridge if the tide is too high. Details in post #24, and a photo a bit further down, here: