Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Herbie Awards 2009

It's that time again when we all put on our tuxedos and ball gowns to join in the Herbie Awards extravaganza. Each December we look back over the year and elect people and places and bestow upon them the rare honour of a coveted and prestigious Herbie Award (monetary value - nil).

After his disgraceful behaviour a year ago we have decided to revoke our invitation to Jonathan Ross to present the awards, and I have gallantly agreed to step into the breech for a similar fee.

And so on to the categories:

Best overnight mooring (urban)
Best overnight mooring (rural)
Best cruising waterway
Best meal in a waterside pub
Best pint in a waterside pub
Best anything else that occurs to me as the awards progress

and the much coveted Special Crew Award -in which the winner receives a beautifully word processed certificate.

The nominations (chosen solely from Herbie's 2009 travels of course) will unfold over the coming days, accompanied by photographic evidence and followed next day by the announcement of the winner.

Just to whet your appetite, here are the nominations for Best Overnight Mooring (Urban)

1. Cambridge - Fort St George.
Close to the heart of this wonderful city, this mooring has a pub ten feet away and offers splendid views of the many University boat crews as they zoom up and down the Cam

2. London -Paddington basin.
Clean, tidy and secure and ultra modern, these moorings are well looked after and are handy for just about everything. The 24hr security guards are friendly and helpful, and on a Friday lunchtime they'll demonstrate the roll up bridge for you.
3. Ely - alongside the park. Well kept moorings just a short walk from the town centre with its interesting street market and the mighty cathedral. A suitable place for a picnic on the grass, and plenty of boat traffic to gongoozle at. Sadly I have no photo of the moorings, so here s a shot of the cathedral.

You'll just have to contain your excitement until tomorrow to discover the winner and get nominations for the next category - Best Overnight Mooring (Rural).

Comments left by readers have a small chance of influencing the decision or nominations so feel free.


Amy said...

i heartily agree with all three, but i have to say that for me, No.1 wins! the Fort os our 'local' and our good friends have a permanent mooring 5 boats down from that spot.

VallyP said...

I think I would go for no 3!

Simon said...

and not even a nomination for Brentford?

fair enough, I guess... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, too late to nominate Simon for your Special Crew Award? He wheeled loads of locks for me earlier this year!
- Carrie (nb Blackbird)