Thursday, December 31, 2009

One final post for 2009, and I must use it to say



David, Rick, Marilyn, Pete, Simon, Roy, Paula, and Jacob for operating locks, throwing ropes, steering etc etc.

The Lucky Ducks for their Christmas card

Geoff and Laura for being good neighbours and loaning us an anchor for three months

Simon, Halfie, Eric, Indigo Sue & Richard, and all the other lovely blog followers who have taken the trouble to send in comments - and especially the amazing VallyP who has commented no less than 123 times during this year!!!

Andrew Denny for occasionally sending my readership figures through the roof by giving us a mention.

And all other readers who have contributed to the 12000 odd visits to these pages this year.

Kath and I wish you all a great 2010, and we hope to have lots of boaty adventures to share over the year. If you see us out and about, don't hesitate to shout, wave or knock. We'd love to meet you.

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VallyP said...

124 just for he score ;-)

Seriously, your blog has brought me so much pleasure over the last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the log of your trip during the summer, and both before and since, your posts have always been interesting, warm, witty and well written, so how could I stay away? Thank you for giving me so much reading entertainment. I've enjoyed every post. A big cheer for 2010, VallyP and al of us here in the flat lands across the water.