Thursday, December 10, 2009

A well deserved and popular win

That's what we always say when someone wins a raffle. Anyway from your comments I know at least two readers will be pleased that the winner of the Herbie Award for Best Pint is. . . .

Weston's Old Rosie cider, served at the Fort St George in Cambridge.

If you've never tried Old Rosie, you can buy bottles of it in Morrisons. It is a million miles from the insipid and disappointing Magners that , through mass marketing, led the current explosion in the popularity of cider. Old Rosie is to Magners as Timothy Taylors is to John Smiths or roast lamb is to a doner kebab (apologies to vegetarian and vegan readers!)

Try a bottle, and turn it over before you pour to stir up the apple pulp that sinks to the bottom. Cloudy is what you want. Better still find a pub that serves it on draft, but don't drive there. It's 7.3% alcohol, so you won't want more than one or two.

Well that concludes part one of the Herbie Awards. After the break come the special awards.

1. Unspecified - for anything that we saw this year that is award worthy. We're still open to suggestions for this.
2. The prestigious Best Crew Member Award, for those who have endured trips on Herbie this year

Stay tuned.


Martin said...

Too much real cider turns your sweat green............

Anonymous said...

I like to say:
Strongbow tastes of cider, but real cider tastes of apples.

Another saying: A good cider is one of your 'five a day'!

VallyP said...

It's been a treat to re-visit your summer haunts here in your awards posts. I've been so busy lately I haven't been keeping up, but I've just read them all now and love all the photos. What a marvellous trip you had!