Friday, December 18, 2009

Local man wins big prize.

Three worthy nominees. All good friends. All giving their time and energy to help us along with Herbie. How can I pick one above the others? I can't really, but I have to.

Pete, Simon and David. None is better than the others, or worse for that matter.

But for service with a smile, crewing for us in miserable wet weather when you could so easily cancel, and fitting in so smoothly and gently, the Herbie Best Crew Award for 2009 goes to . . . .

David rainman Allum. (huge applause).

Well done and thanks for everything.

Even as we speak scribes are toiling away illuminating the magnicient certificate (which will be posted to you in the fullness of time).

Runners up Pete and Simon - we love you both and you live to fight another day. Welcome aboard any time.


Rick said...

Congratulations Rainman
A well deserved and popular win

VallyP said...

Congratulations David Rainman. I don't know you but I'm sure it was a worthy win...I hope the certificate is framed and printed in gold leaf..I mean, for such an award as this, nothing is too good ;-)

prashant said...

Congratulations Rainman

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Simon said...

a belated congratulation & handshake to the deserving winner. Of course this is all a nefarious plot to play us off each other to get more lockwheeling out of us all... ;-)

happy new year!