Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Special Award for Most Appealing Boat

One or two things this year prompted us to give a Herbie special award. Those things which just appear out of the blue and give us pleasure. The first of these is a boat.

Now we often see more expensive, more beautiful boats than our own. Given enough money we could have one. But there a few unique boats that have special character that money can't buy, and this year the best we saw of these was the converted lifeboat Tamaroa.
Not an RLNI type lifeboat but one which hung on davits on the deck of its parent ship. The SS Tamaroa.

This little boat was so cute. All mahogany and brass inside and straight out of captain Pugwash. The old gentleman who owned it was just right too. Full of character and with a cheery disposition.

Tamaroa lives on the Nene now, and although very old she looks loved and cared for. She deserves our award.


VallyP said...

I remember this from your travels. A sweetie indeed.

saltysplash said...

I concur.
She is just.......ok, im a lover of wooden boats and my superlatives have left me

prashant said...

sweetie indeed.

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