Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now I've seen it all.

Like many others I got caught in the snow traffic gridlock on Monday. Four hours to travel the one mile from the shops to home! At last a trip which would have been faster by boat. Except that Herbie is currently iced in at Iver and able to go nowhere.

As I write, the house is surrounded by snow and it has just finished hailing and started raining and we have thunder and lightning. Really! Earlier today we had fog. All we need now is a heatwave and we'll have the set.

I happened to be in the vicinity of Cowroast today (can anyone guess why I should be there two days before Christmas?), so I stopped to take a few pictures at the lock, always a pretty spot.

No boats moving, but at least its not frozen here like it is on the Slough Arm.


Rick said...

Reason for your vist to Cowroast?

My guess is that you called in there on your way to Tring Brewery.

Or have I misjudged you?

Neil Corbett said...

You have indeed misjudged me. I called in there on the way back from Tring Brewery :-) I only went there to buy a sidepocket for a toad.

VallyP said...

Lovely photos Neil. We've had our share of it over here too.25cm's in Rotterdam last week. I dislike it with a passion, but agree it's pretty in pictures, and in reality, for about a day. Then it must go and stop being a nuisance!