Thursday, December 17, 2009

The premier award nomination

I can put it off no longer. The annual Herbie Premier Award for Best Crew Member. This is ther only Herbie Award that goes to a human being and carries an actual certificate.

So what makes a winning crew member?

Someone who is not on board just for the ride, but is willing to brave the elements, to tread the muddy towpaths and heave the lock gates. And someone who is a good companion, on board, in the pub.

Note that family members are exempt, as are previous winners - in case they get too big for their boots.
This year we have three very worthy candidates. It'll be a hard choice.

1. Pete - who crewed for us from Cowroast to Buckby - including a detour up the Wendover Arm. Enduring very mixed weather and a difficult stretch towing an engineless boat through Milton Keynes, Pete worked like a trojan and was selflesly keen to assist with carrying (on foot) a large quantity of beer up the hill from Tring brewery to the canal.

2. David (AKA rainman) who turned out to crew in the full knowledge that it would be a wet and miserable day - not for the first, or even second time I might add! Dedication has its rewards and we did share good weather from Bedford to Godmanchester later in the trip. David sometimes brings chocolates, which makes up for the fact that he doesn't drink beer!

3. Simon (of Tortoise fame) - who cycled up from Brentford to help us down the Hanwell flight, and taught us a great deal about pubs in Brentford. I aslo recall pleasnt evenings around Herbie's stove drinking Jim McBeams.

All should be proud of their nomination, but there can only be one winner. Stay tuned.


Simon said...

I should really try to bring my own booze one day; there are several similar offences to be taken into consideration... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Pete and David are splendid crew members but having met Simon at the weekend (and had his help down the Hanwell) can I put a vote in his favour.

If Pete and David want to come and crew for us so that we can vote more equitably next time then they're very welcome :-)
Sue, Indigo Dream

saltysplash said...

Simon is indeed an excellent nomination but knowing that when ever Herbie casts off then the rain is certain to fall, I think your best crew member will be the one who arrives at the boat armed with souwester and smock

prashant said...

there are several similar offences to be taken into consideration..

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