Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Window design decisions

Anyone bored by DIY, please look away now or you will find this tedious in the extreme. In fact I can hardly bear to publish it except for knowing that one or two of my more anoraky pals will be interested! Next time I'll try and write something remotely interesting.

I hope my design for a hatch window insert is going to work. I've made all the decisions and made the bits but haven't assembled and installed yet. I probably need to do a final fitting on site, not here at home.

I decided to mount the perspex sheet into grooves set in a mitred frame. Here are a couple of the finished frame sides.

The grooves were done with a circular saw.

I'm not sure just glueing up the mitres will be strong enough, if not perhaps I'll put some sealant round the edge of the perspex (unless anyone out there has a better idea).

Now for the (I hope) clever bit. The old window was kept in place using three sliding bolts. Remember it's only in place on the odd occasion. The bolts were not very elegant, so I'm going to see if I can hold it in with some of this magnetic strip.

The window will butt up against a steel lip

It may or may not adhere strongly enough. I'll report back.

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