Sunday, July 07, 2013


Here we are at last at Evesham. Mooring here is something I have been wanting to do since we took up boating, because Evesham is where I went to school and is close to where I was born. The old fellers in the villages used to call it Asum. The people in the town, except the newcomers, call it Eevashum. Call it what you will, it has a good river frontage. Park land one side and more formal gardens the other with decent moorings for a fair few boats.


We could have arrived yesterday but opted not to, staying on a quiet Avon Navigation Trust mooring just down stream of Chadbury lock. The locks thus far remain pigs to do, but one or two are in pretty settings, most notably Fladbury where the lock lies adjacent to the old mill and weir. Almost Constable like.

Coming in '"round the back" of Evesham you cross paths with the Hampton ferry, which is only a little punt type thing but of course it lays a cunning trip wire or rope across the river. Luckily we were aware and jumped over it.

The ferry boat

And the trip wire

We cheated today and went to my bro's house to watch Andy Murray do his stuff. I think I was every bit as hot and exhausted as he was. He certainly knows how to put his audience through the wringer.

So tomorrow we move from the lower Avon to the upper. People tell us that the locks and landing stages and moorings are improved from here on. I hope they are right. This is indeed a lovely river, but I think we'll be glad to get back to the canals in that respect.



Anonymous said...

Great posts Neil, and a nice reminder of trip down the Avon a few years ago :-)

Enjoy the rest of the trip - I hear that Graham from Matilda Rose now has a Banjolele; with the ukelele players on the Lee we surely must have a musical convoy one of these days :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Simon said...

Oooh - Evesham, someone I want to pass through too one day, after various times there being 'trained' by the BBC...

Sue - you may not have seen what Carrie calls my 'mandolele' - a uke with mandolin tuning - so count us in? Can also bring a bass 'uke' as well... ;-)