Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rocketing up hill in a flap

I mean, I know I've put on a bit of weight lately, but do I look like a horse? Nay. Then why are all these flippin' horse flies trying to bite me. I'm driving along the canal flailing my arms and slapping my legs like one of those Tyrolean dancers in lederhosen.

Since I last wrote, we have made splendid progress despite the heat. On Saturday morning We got down the Hatton 21 locks in two and a half hours and were tucked into a lovely spot in the Saltisford arm at Warwick by early afternoon. Do try to moor in this little arm if you haven't already. It's easily the best spot for miles, being secure, well maintained and pretty, with lots of mown grass to sit out on.

Whilst there we met Lynda and Roger on nbBeezneez and agreed to accompany them up the locks to Stockton on Sunday, starting at 0730 to avoid the heat. What a team we made. We agreed on a system of moving the boats in and out of locks and we flew up out of the Avon valley. So well did we do that we agreed to continue this morning only staring at 0630 and we were in Braunston by a quarter to eleven. Team work like this needs two boat crews who know what they are doing and with trust between them, but when it works it's fab.

Kath did her usual job of trying to persuade the lady (Lynda in this case) on the other boat to wrest the tiller from the vice like grip of the husband and make him do some of the locks while she drives. It hasn't happened yet but Kath feels she is on the point of conversion with the Beezneezers

Last evening Marilyn came to take Rick home. We look upon having Rick on board as respite care for the relief of Marilyn. She looked quite refreshed.

So now we put our feet up for the rest of the day, having arrived here before it got too hot although we do have to walk up the hill to replenish the fridge and food cupboards else we starve.

We have now completed the huge circular bit of our journey and just have the little tail back to Crick to get home. No rush. We feel duty bound to report on the new landlord at the reopened New Inn at Buckby so we'll allow ourselves the extra day before we return to our marina and then our house. I expect I'll have to book a combined harvester to deal with the lawn.


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Sarah said...

I'm still looking forward to your report on the Anchor at Caunsall...