Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five counties ring?

All that work, all those locks and we're right back where we started. Which all goes to show that it's the journey and not the destination that matters. I reckon you could call our trip the five counties ring, because, if I am right, we've been through Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire. That's eight different canals and two rivers.

It's taken a long time to do 230 odd miles. To be honest I can't remember how long or when we started. I do remember it was after the Boer war.

Just to remind you. We started at Crick, then Braunston, Coventry, Fazeley, Fradley, Gt. Haywood, Stourport, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Stratford, Kingswood, Warwick, Wigram's turn, Braunston, and so back to Crick. For sheer variety I would certainly recommend it.

Just in case you are jealous and think it was all play and no work, I did paint the gunnels and the cants and one side of the bow flashes and do an oil change while we were out. Not only that I wrote about 12,000 more words of a novel I am writing (now up to 28,348 and every one a gem). One day, if you are good and promise not to laugh, I might let you read it, although really I am writing it just to see if I can.

Now just to give a flavour of our trip here are a few photos.

North Oxford canal

Coventry canal

Birmingham and Fazeley


Trent and Mersey- Great Haywood


Staffs and Worcester - good job no one was coming the other way

River Severn - moored at Worcester


River Avon -overnight stop


Stratford canal - Edstone aqueduct

Grand Onion early start at Braunston



just after Braunston tunnel

Back on the dear old Leicester arm, nearly back to Crick



Jim said...

Glad to see you don't recognise "West Midlands" as a county, unlike people who insist they've done the "Four" Counties ring when they've only been through three.

Val Poore said...

It looks quite heavenly, Neil. What beautiful country.