Friday, July 12, 2013

Up the hill out of Stratford and a right shower

The rivers were very nice but it is good to be back on the canals, and the Southern Stratford canal is as pretty as most rivers.


Knowing there were 34 locks in the climb up to Lapworth,


we looked for an extra crew member to help out. We wanted someone energetic, strong and virile. However all we could get was Rick. In spite of that we accomplished the trip in two short days and now we are moored up in a good spot in the Lapworth Link with our own private garden. Here we see Rick and Kath showing their enthusiasm for the spot.

When we arrived at the top lock we were a bit alarmed to see a ladder in it and then a man in a diving suit. ?had he discovered a dead body? No, he was replacing the rubber seal on the edge of the gate.

Having climbed up out of the Avon valley tomorrow we show our stupidity by descending down into it again via Hatton Locks. Then the next day, you guessed it, we climb up again it the general direction of Calcutt.

That's canals for ya.

Up at Lapworth they have one of those rare facilities, a shower block. I was hot and sweaty from having been down the engine 'ole to do a routine oil change. So before retiring to the Boot for a meal I thought I ought to take advantage of same. After all, in the Boot you do have to be a bit respectable, what with the Aston Martins and Porches in the car park.

Time was tight as we had booked a table for seven at the pub. The sign outside the shower said the water pressure was so low that you could only do it while no-one was using the water point nearby. Sadly there was a boat doing just that, and they were taking ages to fill up, so I went and explained my dilemma. Kindly they offered to desist while I got clean, so I dashed into the shower and switched it on. Unfortunately the temperature control seemed to be broken so the shower water was scalding hot, so I soaped up and stood on the edge of the sprinkle trying (in vain) to splash myself without burning. Then while I was covered in soap, the water decided to cut off completely while the unit showed a low pressure alarm. So there I was, scalded and soapy, but no water, and our booking at the pub was in twenty minutes. Nothing for it, I had to pack up, putting on shorts and t shirt over a soapy body and go back to Herbie to rinse off,much to the amusement, I need hardly add, of Kath and Rick.

Next time, I'll stick to Herbie's shower.


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