Wednesday, July 03, 2013

To. Chucksbry

The old fellas from the village where I was brung up in the Vale of Evesham referred to Tewkesbury as Chucksbry. I dare say over the next few days I might well fling in another few words in the dialect known locally as Asum grammar.

Anyway, here we are in Chucksbry having completed or portion of the Severn. I must admit that, apart from not catching a glimpse of Keith the local seal (who the hell would call a seal Keith?!), the Severn between Worcester is not as dull as other people have led me to believe. You get the odd glimpse of the Malvern hills, a chance for a brief stop in Upton upon Severn where they sell exceedingly good cakes, and a big sandstone cliff to gawp at.


Talking of sand , we have seen quite a lot of sand martins flying around from their nest holes in the river banks, plus a couple of kingfishers.

Talking again of sand, we saw a lot of it being loaded into a barge.

Earlier, up river we saw a digger scooping sand out of a similar barge next to what I think might have been a water treatment plant. They use sand in the filter beds. The barges were called Pike, Chub and Perch. Proper names for a boat in my not so humble opinion.

Our arrival into the mouth of the Avon was a little disturbing. One of the first things you see is this:

It doesn't exactly inspire confidence does it? Apparently this boat has been there for quite some time. The owner, who is skint, has abandoned it.


Bob, the lock keeper at Avon lock was very helpful as he took sixty eight quid off us for a fourteen day Avon licence, a guide book and two nights mooring in Chucksbry. Very nice bloke though.


This picture shows the general scene just above the lock

We are moored just round the corner from the lock, by the road bridge and convenient for the town centre.


Tomorrow we shall explore the delights of this little town full of medieval connections. We have already explored the Nottingham Arms because they do food and Andy Murray was on their telly.

Stay tuned.



Bill.S said...

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Neil Corbett said...

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