Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The ups and downs

Right now we're moored next to Nelson's column.


Ok not quite but there is a huge steel column up which the floating pontoon here at Diglis (Worcester) can rise as the river rises. In fact there are a row of these columns along the pontoon. From my seat here on the boat I can see marks on the column by us showing that it is eleven metres high, (from its base?)



Surely, you say, the river can't reach that high can it? Oh yes it can. Today we were walking in through the watergate to Worcester cathedral and I noticed on the wall a series of markers showing flood levels in previous years. Modelled here by my lovely assistant Kath.


Now the cathedral stands very high up above the river. I estimated a good twenty feet to where we were standing, possibly more. So the river can rise well above that. Looking across the river to the much lower banks opposite you can only marvel to think how far under water the land over there must be in times of flood.

Scary eh.


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Vallypee said...

Golly. That's pretty scary! I'm finding it hard to get an image of it though. Are those poles on the pontoon actually high enough?