Saturday, July 20, 2013

Painting the flashes

For a long time now poor old Herbie has had to do without a smart pattern on her bow flashes.  When we first bought her they looked like this


Then , more than five years ago I overpainted the coloured flashes in plain white, telling myself I would colour them in soon. Of course I never got round to it.  When we did the big boat repaint in 2010, we ran out of time in the wet dock , so the colours never got done then either.  In fact until now it is the only bit of the boat paint that has not been “finished”.  So for five long years Herbie has had to suffer the ignominy of looking like this.  Boring!


So when I had a week in Fazeley this year waiting for Kath to return, I started the job.  First this:


then more masking tape and this


then thisIMG_0536

and finally, yesterday I completed the job and now Herbie looks like this.


and despite the heat I managed to redo the well deck floor


What a good boy am I.  Well, better late than never anyway.


Vallypee said...

Well, I agree! You are very good! The bow looks really lovely and very classy. And well done for the well deck! Is that enough wells now? :-)

Adam said...

Very smart!

Halfie said...

Job looks a good 'un.